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Accounting Support

Breuer Tax Services provides you with quality accounting services at reasonable prices. The services we offer meet a wide range of both corporate and personal needs.  After working with us, you’ll be able to leave your accounting worries behind and get back to focusing on the things that matter most in your life. 

The Business Mission

At Breuer Tax Services, we believe in providing accounting services that you can trust.  Accuracy/attention to detail is our number one priority.  Our team of accountants is committed to performing their services with integrity, excellence, and professionalism.  This philosophy underlines our approach to serving each and every one of our valued clients.

Our History

Breuer Tax Services lets you worry less about your expenses and focus more on what truly matters to you.  Our professionals have been providing the St. Louis area with accounting and tax advice for over thirty years. 

We started Breuer Tax Services because we believe that quality accounting services CAN be offered at reasonable prices.  Our main priority is to help our clients by providing accurate and complete accounting services without over-charging for these services.    

We understand that accounting matters can be complex, and we are here to make them as easy to manage as possible.  We specialize in a wide range of tax and accounting areas and are ready to tackle issues — past, present, or future — that you may have.

Our Services